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Jallandhar Beach

Jallandhar  Beach1

Famous for the Jallandhar Shrine which is located on a hillock near the beach, it  is located at a distance of about 1km from the nearby Diu town. Near the shrine, there is also a famous Hindu temple of the Goddess Chandrika. This beach has a religious touch to it and hence is a favorite among the religious tourists.

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Sunset Point Beach


This is a small beach in Diu. This beach is also safe for swimming. Abundant palm trees surround the beach and the constant lapping of the sea-water is soothing to the ears. But women should be careful while sunbathing on this beach, as it is the most preferable beach among the local beachgoers.


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Nagoa Beach


It is the biggest and the most famous beach in Diu. Shaped like a horse-shoe (semi-circle), this beach is located in the Nagoa hamlet of the Bucharwada village and is around twenty minutes drive from Diu. The drive is quite exhilarating, as you drive through coconut groves and experience the cool breeze and the serene atmosphere on the way. Hoka trees surround the beach and various water sports like para-sailing, water-skiing, jet skiing, wind surfing etc are available for the tourists. Swimming here can be real fun.


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